About Steaks

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Steak is a thick slab of roasted meat.

In the UK, steak gained recognition only in the 15th century, in 1460 its description appeared in the recipe book, and three centuries later the technology of cooking a broiled slab of meat became known on the mainland.

The starting point for the birth of the modern beef production industry in America is the time when Columbus brought the Longhorn cattle to the New World across the Atlantic.

About Steak

There is an opinion that classical steaks are a purely American national dish and almost the only valuable contribution of the United States to the world cuisine. It is not by chance that here was created a real cult of steak, which became part of the national culture.

Meat for steak is not always a product of elite livestock breeding. Only meat of young bulls (from one to one and a half years old) of certain breeds is suitable to get a quality dish of certain breeds. The best breeds are Hereford and Angus.

The method of cattle flattering is of great importance. The most valuable are grain-fed bull-calves (in America preference is given to corn, in Australia - wheat), since they have tender fat layers inside the muscle fibers. Such beef, called marbled, in cooking process becomes more tender and juicy than the meat of grass-fed cattle. According to the marbling standards, usually the preference is given to the prime and choice categories.

Our restaurant uses beef grown in ecologically clean regions of Russia — Voronezh and Kaluga regions, the legendary Black Angus breed of corn fattening.

Degrees of steak doneness

  1. Rare. In the cut – red meat, along the edge of which an appetizing crust of a darker color is formed. The internal temperature of steak is 35–40 °C.

  2. Medium rare.In the cut meat has a bright red-pink color. In such a steak, there is less "blood", but it has pink juice. This type of meat roasting is determined by the temperature of 40–45 °C.

  3. The most popular level of steak doneness. As a rule, meat is not "bloody", but when pressed, pink juice flows out. The internal temperature of meat is about 50–55 °C.

  4. Medium well.In the cut meat is more gray-brown. The internal temperature of steak is 55–60 °C.

  5. Well done.This is already fully roasted meat, absolutely gray-brown in the cut. The internal temperature of meat is about 65–70 °C.
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